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Department of Fire Safety

KYUNGIL UNIVERSITY Department of Fire Safety


As nationwide catastrophes have increased since the early 2000’s, our society’s need for new and sustainable safety strategies has greatly increased. The Department of Fire Safety in Kyungil University was established to meet these demands. As of 2017, our department has discharged around 1,000 fire protection engineers and specialists, including firemen. Our department has carried out major government programs such as Emergency Response Development Program, LINC+, CK-1 with great faculties and facilities. With all these resources and know how, our department will continue to provide our students with the best possible education. We have unique and professional systems for fire fighters and fire officers, as well as protection engineers.


The following curriculums are currently being offered at Kyungil University within the Department of Fire Safety. Fire Protection Theory, Fire Protection Chemistry, Hazardous Materials, Commentary of Fire Protection Laws, Psychology of Fire Service, Theory of Disaster Management, Theory of Fire Investigation, Fluid Mechanics for Fire Protection, Electric Circuits for Fire Protection Systems, Capstone Design (I,II), Fire Extinguishing Agents, Principle of Electrical Engineering, Theory of Fire Extinguishing System, Engineering of Fire Alarm System, Fire Evacuation Simulation, CAD for Fire Protection System, Theory of Disaster Mitigation, Theory of Smoke Control System, Performance-based Design (PBD), Theory of Hazardous Material Facilities, etc.


  • Public Officer : Fire fighters, Fire officers, Fire protection engineers
  • Research : National Disaster Management Research Institute, Korea Fire Protection Association, Korea Institute of Fire Industry & Technology, Korea Fire Safety Association, Korea Fire Safety Facility Association.
  • Major Firms : Samsung, LG, Hyundai, etc.
  • Companies related to Fire Protection : Fire facility design, Construction, and Management
  • Elementary, Middle, and High Schools : Fire Safety Education Agent
  • Management : Schools, Hotels, Banks, Department stores, etc.


Name Education Year Final Degree Major
Dong-Soon Kwag Gyeongsang National University 2008 Ph.D. High-voltage Engineering
Dong-Joon Kim Yokohama National University 2004 Ph.D. Safety Engineering
Myung-Chul Kim Kyungpook National niversity 1988 Ph.D. Extinguishing Agent, Inorganic Chemistry
Sung-Chan Kim Chung-Ang University 2003 Ph.D. Thermal Fluid Engineering
Hwa-Young Kim National Kumamoto niversity 2014 Ph.D. Urban Disaster Engineering
Woo-Kyung Sung Pusan National University 1989 Ph.D. Flame Retardant Materials, Textile Engineering
Soo-Hyun So University of Tokyo 2003 Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering
Se-Myeong Lee University of Seoul 2012 Ph.D. Disaster Science
Ji-Soo Lee Kyungpook National niversity 2015 Ph.D. Urban Disaster Science
Yeong-Soon Jegal KAIST 1988 Ph.D. Extinguishing Agent, Polymer Chemistry
Ki-Hwan Li Daegu University 2003 Ph.D. Policy Analysis
Bum-Jae Lee Kyungil University 2017 Ph.D.  
Hee-Soo Cho Kyungpook National niversity 2003 Ph.D.  
Wey-Hyun Kim Yeungnam University 2011 Ph.D. English Novel-Sociology of Literature
Kyung-Tak Nam Kyungpook National niversity 1986 Master Management
Yu-Soo Noh Keimyung University 2013 Master TEFL
Ahn Il Keun        
Brian Gannon National University of Ireland, Galway     Geography and Political Science & Sociology
Choon-Keun Lee Keimyung University 1990 Ph.D. Economics
Jeffrey Allan Molasky University of Birmingham   Master TEFL
Vacheresse Brian Keith Acadia Divinity College   Master Divinity