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Department of Architecture

KYUNGIL UNIVERSITY Department of Architecture

245 licensed architects from KIU! 5th ranked university in Korea!!! Open your future with pride and confidence.


  • Developing a ‘creative culture’ is one of the important challenges for the 21th century and Architecture stands at the center of it. Architecture will make our lives rich and beautiful in the future. The goal of the Department of Architecture is to educate students who acquire abilities to design human environments such as architecture and cities in a sustainable way. Architecture, which encompasses both liberal arts and science, is widely open to everyone unlike other engineering fields, as architecture creates and combines social culture with technology and art.
  • The Department of Architecture started to provide a 4-year-course as well as a 5-year-course in 2011. This new system guarantees students to have more opportunities in diverse ways to have a future career in the field. In detail, the 5-year-course is for the student who aims to be a licensed architect much like other professionals like a doctor or a lawyer. The 4-year-course is to study more general areas of architecture and this course leads to careers in such fields as Construction, Construction administration, Interior design, Traditional architecture, Urban design, Graduate Department, and Government agencies or Housing. The courses especially place an emphasis on practical studies and follow the standard of the UIA (Union International des Architects).
  • The Department of Architecture has global-level professors who have excellent academic experience and capability for research and teaching. The Department of Architecture also has a leading educational environment as evident in the CAD room, Design room, Model room, Materials lab and Individual design studio space. This environment fosters students’ dreams and passion for design.
  • The KIU Department of Architecture is ranked in the top 5 among 140 universities in Korea for the licensed number of architects among its alumni - a total of 245 licensed architects. The Department of Architecture has also taken the Grand Prize 8 times at the ‘Daegu Architecture Festival’ for the past 20 years despite there being 15 other universities in this region. The Department of Architecture students also won the most prizes at the ‘2010 Gyeongbuk Architecture Festival’, which is a regional festival in the area.
  • KIU's Department of Architecture is moving forward to meet the challenges of a brighter tomorrow with its proud tradition and alumni achievement, as well as its history of competing with universities from Seoul and beyond.


  • Design - Architectural Design, Architectural Planning, Sustainable Design, Interior Design, Urban Design, Design Studio, Capstone Design Studio, Korean Architecture Design, Traditional Architecture Design
  • Cultural Context - Human and Architecture, History of Western Architecture, History of Korean Architecture, Architecture and Culture, Contemporary Architecture, Modern Architecture Communication - Innovative Design, Architectural CAD, Computer Graphic, BIM, Design Technic
  • Technology - Material and construction, Architectural Structural Dynamics, Architectural Environment Planning, Architectural Mechanic Planning, Construction Methods, Construction Estimation, Construction Management
  • Practice - Architectural Law, Design Seminar, Professional Practice and Ethics


The following are the main areas in which students could work in after graduation.
Architectural design office, Interior office, Research office of Traditional architecture, CAD or CG office, Office of Regional development or Urban design, and Construction companies Some students could join various areas such as Graduate Department, Research Institutions or be Government Officials.
Licenses to achieve are : Architect, Specialist for measuring or repairing historic culture assets, Engineer for Architecture, Interior designer, Urban Planner, Construction Safety engineer, Fire Mechanic engineer, housing manager.


Name Education Year Final Degree Major
Bub-Ryul Kim Hong Kong University of Science and Technology 2019 Ph.D. Structural Engineering
Jong-Sung Kim University of Tokyo 1990 Ph.D. Architectural Structural Engineering
Shin-Jo Eom Yonsei University 2007 Ph.D. Architectural Engineering
Dong-Ryul Yi Kyungil University 2012 Ph.D. Architectural Engineering
Dong-Hee Choi Seoul National University 2010 Ph.D. Architectural Environmental Engineering
Gee-Joo Ha KAIST 1993 Ph.D. Structural engineering
Youngju Lee Sogang University 2013 Master  
Ryan Mondor Framingham State Univerisity 2016 Master TESOL