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School of Architecture

KYUNGIL UNIVERSITY School of Architecture

The Architectural Engineering Dept. of Kyungil University is a Leading Practitioner in the Field!!!

About Faculty

  • We are proud to be in the Top 3 of the Daegu·kyungbuk provincial area for Architectural Engineering. Since the school's inception in 1963, 48 years ago, there has been a long tradition of working within the community and beyond which has lead to this achievement. Being within the 5 major departments at KIU, the growth of our program has always corresponded to social and historical changes in our communities. By constantly devoting ourselves to the commitment of producing talented students who make positive contributions in the field, graduates of the program are able to contribute immensely to architectural culture and the developing construction industry.
  • As of today, Architecture plays the role of efficiently designing and safely constructing complex and various different kinds of structures that are essential for our lives. While corresponding to the ABEEK standard, we are proud to have built a practical education system that is based on these economic and societal needs.
  • The Dept. of architectural engineering is an academic field that also deals with systematically solving engineering or technical problems related to architectural structure performance in such areas as: structural design, environmental facilities, construction and materials. Therefore, our educational goal is to cultivate the 'specialty architectural engineer' that is demanded by our country and who can solve architectural problems and meet the demands of today's industrial society.
  • Our faculty consists of 11 professors who have experience in various major fields. There are Full time professors who have practical work experience related to architectural institutes, and part-time professors who are specialists. Also, our 4700 graduates are playing an immense role in their major fields (350 CEOs in engineering and construction companies, 300 public service personnel, 100 technical experts, and 100 Ph.D. or Master degree recipients) which makes them highly employable to meet the challenges of today's society.
  • We have various state of the art studios and laboratories within top power, floor & wall systems in the region that makes the education that students gain at KIU expand to the national level and beyond the limit. For this, we closely cooperate with the dept. of architectural design and provide holistic architectural education & research.
  • Curriculum

    Understanding of Architectural Structure, History of Architectural Engineering, Architectural CAD, Architectural Structural Mechanics, Earthquake Resistant Design, Reinforced Concrete Design, Steel Structure Design, Architectural Structure Practical Design, Construction Estimation, Architectural Environment Engineering, Structural Design and Modelling, Architectural Facility Engineering, Construction Methods, Construction Scheduling, Architectural Material and Structural Experimentation, Construction Law, Capstone Design


    After graduation, students play a major role in the construction industry with architectural engineering knowledge in structure design, analysis of structures, development/improvement of construction materials, environmental planning and design of facilities, construction process innovation. Also, graduates can enter E&C companies, public agencies, structural design firms, safety supervisory firms, construction management firms, environmental facility firms, state invested entities. They may also choose to work as professors, researchers, and teachers, etc. Related certifications are architectural structure expert, construction expert, safety expert at the expert level, architectural engineer, safety engineer, fire fighting and facility engineer, etc, at the engineer level.


Faculty Name Education Year Final Degree Major
Jong Sung Kim Tokyo Univ 1990 Ph.D. Architectural Structural Engineering
Jong Hack Shin Yeongnam Univ 1990 Ph.D. Structural Engineering
Young-Seon Choi The Georgia Institute of Technology 2011 Ph.D. Architecture
Dong Hee Choi Seoul National University 2010 Ph.D. Architectural Environmental Engineering
Shin Jo Eom Yonsei Univ 2007 Ph.D. Construction Management
Gee Joo Ha KAIST 1993 Ph.D. Structural Engineering
Won Gaff Kim Hongik Univ 1991 Ph.D. Architectural Design and Planning,