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Department of Geoinformatics Engineering

KYUNGIL UNIVERSITY Department of Geoinformatics Engineering

Cultivation of geoinformation specialists who take the lead in a ubiquitous era


  • Geoinformatics Engineering engineering is concerned with the acquisition and the management of geospatial information which is information that describes the locations and names of features in three dimensional space. In today's current society, it supports a wide range of areas such as: traffic and communication, land development and management, environmental monitoring, natural hazard monitoring, climate/weather prediction, urban planning and construction, etc.
  • The primary goal of our department is to cultivate specialists that they can make a positive contribution to the development of geospatial technology in the future. In order to achieve this goal, the undergraduate program offers four specialized academic tracks: Geographic Information System (GIS), photogrammetry, Remote Sensing (RS), and the Global Positioning System (GPS).


  • 1st year (general) : Introduction of Geoinformatics, Smart Mapping
  • 2nd year (basic) : GIS, Remote Sensing, Satellite image processing & analysis, Introduction to geodesy, Cartography, Spatial Statistics, Spatial Analysis, GIS programming, Digital Surveying, Adjustment Computation
  • 3rd year (application) : Applied GIS programming, Integration of Geospatial data, Photogrammetry, GNSS, Applied image analysis, City & Land Information System, Applied Remote Sensing, Applied Geoinformatics, GNSS data processing, Computer Cartography and GIS
  • 4th year (advanced) : Spatial Decision Support System, Environmental remote sensing, Applied photogrammetry, Capstone Design-1, -2, Applied GIS project, Environmental Satellite Applications, Positioning Sensor Integration


Name Education Year Final Degree Major
Jae Seong Ahn Seoul National University 2007 Ph.D. Geography(GIS)
Kwon Ho Lee Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology(GIST) 2005 Ph.D. Environmental Science and Engineering
Soo Hee Han Seoul National University 2008 Ph.D. Spatial Informatics
Hyun-Sung Kim Kyungpook National University 2002 Ph.D. Information Security
Hee-Joo Park Daegu Catholic University 1995 Ph.D. Neural Computer
Chang Ki Hong The Ohio State University 2007 Ph.D. Geodetic Science