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School of Police and Public Administration

KYUNGIL UNIVERSITY School of Police and Public Administration

The educational goal of this department is to cultivate professionals in the police and security service sectors


The School of Police and Public Administration started as the Department of Police and Security Guard in 2005, and was rebuilt as the current system in 2008. From 2010, we reformed the curriculum in a large way to prepare for the recruitment testing of police officers and other officials of the criminal justice sector. We have many professors who have practical experience and police science knowledge and they teach their students faithfully. We provide a conjunctive major system which is helpful for specializing as a private security guard. More recently, we help students who prepare for the recruitment test of police officers and other officials by providing remote video courses for test preparation and facilitating study. Moreover, we reinforce assistance for employment through providing special lectures for the acquisition of professional certificates


KIU Police Science aims to produce well-trained leaders who contribute to the police, administrative and social sectors of the nation. The educational philosophy of KIU Police Science is to provide KIU students with the ability to protect people's civil rights and the rule of law within our society. In order to achieve these goals, Police Science offers curriculums based on a study of humanities and social sciences including jurisprudence, public administration, and criminal justice during the first two years. Futhermore, studies and research in criminal law, administrative law, and policing practice come under 'police science' for the following two years. Also, we have several courses on computing, foreign languages and martial arts to aid the tasks which are necessary in a global and information-oriented society.


The students who study our courses can find work in such areas as the national police(7 grade, 9 grade), 101PPSC(presidential police security corps etc.), public security (Korean central intelligence agency etc.), 7 or 9 grade national civil servants, local civil servants, officials of prosecutor's office, court clerks, emigration and immigration control center, narcotics agents, probation officials, correction officials by passing an examination required for these services. Students can also work in 2,200 private security services, for example S1, KT TELECOP.


Name Education Year Final Degree Major
Dong hyeok Kim Seoul National University 2011 Ph.D. in Law, Legal Philosophy
Jae Min Kim Chun-nam National University 2004 Ph.D. in Law, Criminal Justice
Dong Su Park Hansei University 2008 Ph.D. in Information Security
Tai Won Oh Yonsei University, 2008 Ph.D. in Law, Attorney at law
John Beaton St. Thomas University 2001 Criminology
Yun Kyung Park Sookmyung Women's University 2011 Master English Pedagogy
Hae Lyong Park Yeung-nam University 1992 Ph.D. Policy Analysis
Ho-Ryong Lee Keimyung University 2003 Master Exercise Prescription
Jones Gregory Austrailian National University 2012 Master International Law