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School of Electronic Engineering

KYUNGIL UNIVERSITY School of Electronic Engineering

The School of Electronic Engineering aims to create outstanding human resources based on industrial requirements.


The goal of our school is to educate highly-qualified human resources who have expert knowledge and global experience in the current era of globalization and information. Various curriculum such as semiconductor, information and communication, mobile and embedded systems, electronics, etc, are provided with theory and laboratory experimentation to produce outstanding industrial human resources who display creativity and competitiveness in the field.


Circuit Theory, Electronic Circuit, C Programming, Basic Engineering Design, Digital System, Digital Circuit Design, Windows Programming, Semiconductor Engineering, Automatic Control, Microprocessor, Embedded Software, Embedded Hardware, Digital Signal Processing, Computer Simulation, Computer Communication, Digital Communication and Design, Sensor Engineering, Display Engineering, Creative Engineering, Capstone Design, On-site Practice-Based Project, etc.


  • Major Electronics Companies like Samsung and LG, IT medium-sized and Venture enterprises
  • Electronics and IT parts of Motor, Airplane, and Ship companies
  • Electronics and IT parts of Public enterprises, Technical officer
  • Graduate School and Research Institutes
  • Venture foundation and School teachers


Name Education Year Final Degree Major
Daehyuk Kwon Kyungbook National University 1992 Ph.D. Semiconductor Engineering
Seong Geun Kwon Kyungpook National University 2002 Ph.D. Electronic Engineering
Jin Ho Kim Kyungbook National University 1992 Ph.D. Electronic Engineering
Hae Soo Kim Virginia Tech 2008 Ph.D. Electrical and Computer Engineering
Young Sun Han Korea University 2009 Ph.D. Electronic and Computer Engineering
Jae Pyo Hong Kyungbook National University 1989 Ph.D. Microwave Engineering
Kyu Sung Hwang Korea University 2010 Ph.D. Electrical and Computer Engineering