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Department of Robotics Engineering

KYUNGIL UNIVERSITY Department of Robotics Engineering

A robot expert, new growing and promising occupation for the 21st century(KEIS, KISTEP), teacher training courses & ABEEK programs


  • The goal of our school is to educate robot experts with abilities to develop and apply robotic systems in which various industries can step up with increasing sophistication of 21st century robot technology.
  • Our school provides on-site practice-based training of the techniques of robot design, application, control, contents, and computer programming. We also have the employment rate high through programs of specialized education, mentoring, and internship with industry.
  • While industrial robot has reached maturity, a new era of human-friendly intelligent robots in humanoid, medical, welfare, military, space/ocean exploration, and disaster prevention areas. Absolutely, the robot expert is a new growing and promising occupation for the 21st century.


Robotics, Robot Control and Application, Robot Software Design, Microprocessor, Embeded System, Robot vision, Robot Sensor Application, Robot Intelligence


  • Robot-related enterprises (medical, aviation, space, military industries etc.)
  • Electronics, automotives, shipbuilding, IT and automation (technician, researcher)
  • Federal laboratories, public enterprises
  • Venture business, secondary teaching certificate (teacher training courses)


Name Education Year Final Degree Major
Bon Ho Koo Kyungpook National University 1991 Ph.D. Power Electronics
Sang Wook Bae Korea University 1994 Ph.D. Control Engineering
Seong-Yun Cho KwangWoon University 2004 Ph.D. Control and Measurement Engineering
Bong-Su Hahn University of Michigan,Ann Arbor 2012 Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering
Sung Woon Im Kyungpook National University 1995 Ph.D. Power Electronics