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School of Electrical Engineering

KYUNGIL UNIVERSITY School of Electrical Engineering


The goal of our school is to educate professional experts focused on industrial field practice in the areas of electric energy and electric vehicles. Our school provides curriculum to systematically acquire basic electric theories of these professional fields and to develop knowledge through simulation and practical laboratory training. We develop the ability to carry out professional education in industry applications based on basic electric knowledge and to carry out active and creative advanced technologies.


Electrical Equipment and Applications, Digital Logic and Circuitry, Sequence & PLC Control Training, Electrical Automation Design, Power Electronics Experimentation, Fundamentals of Electrical Circuits, Introduction to Electric Vehicles, DC Power Electronics, Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering, AC Power Electronics, Power Systems and Charging Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles, Electric Vehicle Controls, Secondary Battery, Inverter and Charger Design/Experimentation, Motor Design CAE, Practical Training in 3D CAD


  • Public enterprises (Korea Electric Power Corporation, Korea Electrical Safety Corporation, etc.)
  • Electric vehicle parts manufacturer maintenance, repair and management
  • Construction (supervision and electrical facility design)


Name Education Year Final Degree Major
Hong Pil Kim Hanyang University 1990 Ph.D. Control engineering
Sang Kwun Kang Korea University 2010 Ph.D Power delivery system
Kwang Seo Park Youngnam University 2003 Ph.D. Electric equipment
Sang Hwan Ham Hanyang University 2011 Ph.D. Electric machine
Hyun Soo Park Sungkyunkwan University 2017 Ph.D. Power electronics
Eun Hyeok Choi Youngnam University 2009 Ph.D. High voltage power system