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School of New and Renewable Energy

KYUNGIL UNIVERSITY School of New and Renewable Energy

Education leader of the Country's leading growth green industry in the 21st century - Specialization in solar cells and hydrogen fuel cells


Recently, it is true that all living organisms on Earth can not avoid the possibility of a true disaster due to energy depletion. Excessive emissions of green house gases through the use of fossil fuels has been a major cause of Global warming. As a way of reducing greenhouse gas emissions there are the possibilities of new and renewable energy development to heal the human race and our civilization that is so addicted to fossil fuel energy. To meet these social needs, the Department of New & Renewable Energy at Kyungil University, which was established in July of 2009, is committed to educating future leaders in the country's low-carbon green growth areas. These future leaders have specialization in solar cell and hydrogen fuel cell technology in order to proactively respond to the ever increasing trend of high oil prices. In addition, the Department of New & Renewable Energy aims to expand the base of this field's workforce, and expand consumer-oriented customized training programs, while working in close association with industrial operations. As a result, our students will not only have theoretical competence, but also the practical skills that are needed in the green energy field.


  • Foundation Courses : Introduction to engineering design, Energy and green technology, Chemical Stoichiometry, Thermodynamics, Materials engineering, Basic electrical engineering, Basic circuit theory, Basic new & renewable energy experiment, Catalysis and chemical reaction engineering, PC usage and programming
  • Major Courses : Introduction to fuel cells, Fuel cell manufacturing and performance evaluation, Secondary battery, Hydrogen energy, Energy materials engineering, Introduction to solar cells, Solar cell manufacturing and performance evaluation, Advanced new & renewable energy experiment, Energy conversion systems, Power electronics, New & renewable energy policy and business, Wind power generation, Thin film process, Energy storage system


  • Providing employment opportunities to public enterprises, large corporations, small businesses which specialize in new & renewable energy (By the 15th of April, 2013, 8,981 companies who specialize in new & renewable energy are already registered)
  • Main examples of new & renewable energy specialized companies
    • Public: Korea Electric Power, Korea Gas Ltd., Korea Institute of Energy Research, Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology, etc.
    • Large: POSCO, POSCO Power, Hyundai Motor Company, GS Caltex, GS Fuelcell, SK, Daesung Industries, Hyosung, Samsung SDI, Samsung Electro-mechanics, Samsung Electronics, Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction Co., Samchully, LG Chemical, LG Electronics, LS Industrial Systems, etc.
    • Medium and Small: Millinet Solar, Fuel Cell Power, Kiturami, Bumyang, Dongjin Semichem, Seoul Semiconductor, OCI Materials, Ssemtek, Unison, Bas Korea, Boguk electricity, Hana Consulting Engineers Co., etc.
  • New & renewable energy-related certificates are established in 2013 (Solar cell)
  • School of New and Renewable Energy has been selected as 'Hydrogen & Fuel Cell HRD Center' since 2013.6.1


Name Education Year Final Degree Major
Kwang Sun Kang University of North Carolina 2001 Ph.D. Mechanical and Engineering Science
Jin Nam Park Seoul National University 1996 Ph.D. Department of Chemical Technology
Jong Ho Choi Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology 2007 Ph.D. Department of Materials and Science Engineering

Dong-Hee Yoon

Korea University

2001 Ph.D.

Electrical & Electronics Engineering