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Department of Chemical Engineering

KYUNGIL UNIVERSITY Department of Chemical Engineering

Leading institution specializing in chemical, clean and biological engineering


  • To cultivate competent engineers who have technical knowledge and abilities that can be applied to practical business.
  • To produce professional engineers who are capable of working independently or as part of a team in traditional and advanced engineering fields such as petrochemical, IT, bio and clean technology.
  • To provide students with a foundation in chemical engineering knowledge and allow them to be carriers of that knowledge in diverse professions through a user-friendly curriculum and a pragmatic hands-on training program.
  • To strengthen practical education through industry-university cooperation and to conduct research related to emerging technologies.


  • Basic principles of BT(biotechnology), ET(energy technology), IT(information technology), and NT(nano technology)
  • Basic knowledge of chemistry related with Green and Clean technology
  • Formulations and preparation process for advanced and new materials


  • Careers in diverse professions including jobs in: government, research institutes and industry.
  • Pharmaceutical, fiber, display, semiconductor companies.
  • Clean and green, waste treatment, environmental fields.
  • Life science and traditional fields including the petrochemical industry.


Name Education Year Final Degree Major
Suk Tea Nam Dongguk Univ 1991 Ph.D. Chem. Eng.
Myeong Jin Han University of Kentucky 1993 Ph.D. Chem. Eng.
Myung Ho Han Yeungnam Univ 1992 Ph.D. Ind. Chem.
Sung Won Ham POSTECH 1995 Ph.D. Chem. Eng.