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School of Photography & Video

KYUNGIL UNIVERSITY School of Photography & Video

Education for Optimal Specialists of Photography and Video in the Industry of Digital Video Media


The objective of education in the School of Photography & Video is to teach students to be optimal specialists of photography and Video in the industry of digital Video media. The school also aims to foster competent and multipurpose persons who are able to lead the Video industry of the next generation. They are supposed to grope for the sustainable self-devotion and improvement with creative mind.

The undergraduate program consists of major domains which are photography and Video. The working method constitutes a fundamental fusion type of photography plus analog, digital, and Video. The program is expected to deepen competence of genre specialty and media operating. And then flexibility and the basic theory cross over the boundary of photography and Video media. Such curriculum has been designed to maximize the quality and creativity of education.

The open-minded philosophy of the School of Photography & Video has been abreast with the times. The school has produced a large number of university professors, journalists, and other specialists in the field of Photography and Video. In spite of relatively short history of 20 years the school has attained superiority among similar departments of other universities. The driving force of the productive achievement and celebrity has made a provincial university of the leading private universities in Korea.


The curriculum consists of three programs of advertisement, journalism and fine art. Photography of advertisement has close relation to the development of science and technology that needs changes in the sequence of working methods. Students are required to study the advanced technique and method of expression on the basis of digital theories. The experienced technique and knowledge will be practically used under vocational circumstances

In the field of photography of journalism photographs are used as tools for communication. A camera takes pictures of various facts about politics, economics, society, and culture. Students also investigate the descriptive structure that contains logical objectivity making the use of visual approach through a camera and the method of expression of each medium.

In the field of photography of fine art are logically systematized in terms of the completion of creative work. In the light of that sense students are educated so that they might cultivate sensitivity, imagination, and intuition of a photographer. Furthermore they are educated to express their own method and philosophy through self-knowledge and self-assertion in the course of a sheet of photographs is sublimed to art.

Through systematic theory and workshop students strengthen their ability that can recognize the grammar of Video language, picture-taking, and editing operation that need to make broadcasting, movie, and Video contents. They also explore the method genre communication using Video media. Especially education emphasizes the necessity for fostering Video specialists who have creative vision for the future. Students must have specialty and ability of multimedia that can deal with the digitalization of the recent industry of Video and fusion of broadcasting communication.


  • In accordance with the group of vocation specialists are university professors who are relative to departments of photography and Video, secondary school teachers of information and Video, reporters of newspapers and magazines, photographers of fashion and advertisement, creative photographers, camera reporters and PD of broadcasting, Video journalists, CF directors, movie directors, Video designers, Video artists, operators of Video editing, staffs of movie production etc.
  • In addition to above specialists the following fields demand the participation of specialists of photography and Video: newspaper companies, magazine publishers, public relations of enterprises, advertisement studios, advertisement planning companies, factories of photograph and camera, enterprises of multimedia and IT, air broadcasting and cable broadcasting companies, productions of Video, and movie productions, etc.


Name Education Year Final Degree Major
Bohn Chang Koo Fachhochschule Hamburg, Fachbereich Gestaltung, Germany, Kommunikations design (schwerpunt Fotodesign)
Yoo Jin Kim Chung-Ang University 2005 Master Digital Image Science
Ho Kwon Kim School of Visual Arts 2005 M.F.A. Computer Art
Hyung Won Ryoo School of Visual Arts, New York City 1998 M.F.A. Photography and Related Media
Sung-Suk Suk Universitat derkunste Berlin 2002 Visuelle Kommunikation
Young Sil Sohn Universit'e de Paris8 2006 Ph.D. Art Media Theory
Kyoung Hong Lee Universit'e de Paris I-Pantheon-Sorbonne 1988 B.A. Philosophie of Art.
Myoung Ho Lee Chung Ang University 2006 M.F.A. Photography
In Hee Lee Received Master Degree of Fine Art at Chung-Ang University, 1996 M.F.A. Image Science
Jae Wook Lee Master of Fine Art 1996 M.F.A. Video
Sun Hi Zo Yonsei University Seoul 1994 College of Human Ecology
Jong Sung Choe New York University 2003 M.F.A. Studio Art
Sang Gyun Han Columbia College Chicago 2005 Master Media Management
Won Joon Yoo Hongik University 2006 M.A. Art Studies
Danube University, Austria Media Art Histories
Tae Suk Lim Chung-Ang University 1979 B.F.A. Advertising Photograph
Jeong Heun Youn Yeung-nam University 1991 Ph.D. Korean Literature