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Department of Digital Media Design

KYUNGIL UNIVERSITY Department of Digital Media Design


The Department of Digital Media Design program prepares students to lead the way in designing useful digital media, services, and products for an increasingly complex society. Our program trains students to understand and employ advanced design tools, methods, and environments to improve the way we live, work, and play. Students will learn how to design and implement practical solutions to society’s most pressing challenges. We aim to cultivate creative designers who understand the entire design process. Our program actively facilitates student collaboration with industry. We help our students find design internships at companies, as well as participate in national and international design competitions and exhibitions.


Freshman Year:

  • 2D Graphic Programs 1
  • Creative Thinking and Drawing
  • Digital and Formative Arts
  • Understanding Digital Media
  • 2D Graphic Programs 2
  • 3D Graphic Programs
  • Digital Typography 1
  • Design Process

Sophomore Year:

  • Understanding Games
  • Design Color
  • Digital Images
  • Digital Typography 2
  • 3D Digital Foundation
  • Branding Design
  • 3D Digital Printing
  • Information Design
  • Game Graphics
  • Human-Centered Design

Junior Year:

  • Interface Design
  • Interactive Storytelling
  • Motion Design 1
  • Promotional Design
  • Basic Programming
  • Mobile Interaction Design
  • Capstone Design 1
  • Game and Entertainment Design
  • Motion Design 2
  • Digital Editorial Design

Senior Year:

  • Capstone Design 2
  • Digital Contents Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Exhibition Planning
  • Design Seminar
  • Designing Portfolio
  • Digital Design Studio


Digital Contents and User Experience Design:

User Experience/User Interface(UX/UI) Designer, Game Planner, Game Designer, Interaction Designer, Branding Designer, Digital Editorial Designer, Advertising Promotion designer, Service Designer, Design Strategy Planner, Motion Editing Designer, etc.

Digital Technology:

3D Printing Experts, Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality Technical Director, IoT product Designer, etc.


Design Venture Businessmen, Design Education Professionals, Culture and Arts Instructors, etc.


Name Education Year Final Degree Major
Jisun An Georgia Institute of Technology 2009 M.S. Digital Media
Yoomi Lee Carnegie Mellon University 2011 MDes. Interaction Design
Jay Ryu Hongik University Ph.D. Candidate Communication Design
Dai Sung Kim Lyon II University 2000 Master Communication Design
Taesun Kim Ewha W. University Ph.D. Industrial Design
Hyung Goo Gang Hongik University 2010 Ph.D.
Young Sook Kim Catholic University of Daegu 2010 Ph.D.
Jeom Chan Lee Catholic University of Daegu 2011 Ph.D.


  • Instagram: dmd_kiu
  • Facebook: KIUDesign