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Department of Emergency Medical Technology

KYUNGIL UNIVERSITY Department of Emergency Medical Technology

We train Class 1 Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT-Paramedic), who play a pivotal role in pre-hospital emergency care and contribute to the improvement of public health


We teach how to provide patients with suitable emergency medical services in areas such as transporting patients to the hospital, preventing disability, relieving pain, and accelerating recovery. This is for the purpose of sustaining lives and preventing serious complications for emergency patients through professional emergency medical care and transfer; protecting the lives of citizens from accidents and disasters; and the development of society by providing better emergency medical services.
Graduates of the department take the national examination and acquire a Class 1 Emergency Medical Technician certificate, which is issued by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Family Affairs.
Certified medical technicians serve in various emergency medical service areas.


Anatomy, Physiology, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, Medical Terminology, Pharmacology, Rescue & Patient Transplantation, Emergency Patient Management and Practice Ⅰ,2 , Introduction to Emergency Care, General Emergency Care, Trauma Emergency care, Emergency Care Practice, Emergency Patient Assessment and Practice, Electrocardiogram, Medical Emergency Care, Pathology, Clinical Training of Advanced Emergency Care 1,2,3 Research Methodology, Special Considerations , Advanced Cardiac Life SupportⅠ,2, Advanced Trauma Life Support, Simulation of ATLS. Forensic Medicine, Laws Concerning Emergency Medicine, Simulation of ACLS, Advanced Pediatric Emergency Care, Public Health, Fire Service Law and Practice , Ambulance Training, Mass Disaster Management, Practical Education Methodology of Emergency care, Basic Medicine In Particular, Operation of Emergency Medical Equipment, Public Health Laws and Regulations, Abroad Ambulance Practicum, Optional Clinical Practicum.


Certified medical technicians serve at fire stations (119 emergency teams), emergency medical centers, emergency medical organizations, emergency medical information centers, public health agencies, public rehabilitation agencies, police offices, marine police offices, emergency transport teams, emergency transport businesses, healthcare centers for private businesses, construction sites and other medical organizations.


Name Education Year Final Degree Major
Jeong Mi Park Kyungpook National University 2006 Ph.D. Nursing
Tae kun Lee kyungil university 2011 science of public administration
Bo Ram Choi Kongju University 2010 Master Paramedic
Young Hwa Kim Ewha Women's University 2003 Ph.D. Neuroanatomy
In Sung Park Korea University 2006 Ph.D. Sports Medicine
Jeong You-chelo YonSei University medical collage seoul 2007 M.D. Medical center Radiology