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Department of Psychotherapy

KYUNGIL UNIVERSITY Department of Psychotherapy

We train and educate professionals who can assess and treat emotional problems and mental health conditions. We also foster psychotherapists who have a keen eye and warm heart


  • We teach fundamental knowledge and skills to analyze and scientifically research human psychology and behavior
  • We raise holistic psychologists who can analyze psychological and social adjustment problems and, with warm hearts, take care of people in need
  • We cultivate psychology professionals who have a broad of view of the psychological field and other neighboring fields of knowledge


  • Co-requisite : Introduction to Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Psychotherapy and Counseling, Learning psychology,
  • Counseling : Developmental Psychology, Psychological Testing, Counseling Techniques, Career Counseling, Adolescence Counseling, Group Therapy, Clinical psychology, Family Therapy, Psychotherapy Seminar, PracticumⅠ, PracticumⅡ
  • Clinical Psychology : Developmental Psychology, Psychological Statistics, Psychological Testing, Psychological diagnosis, Clinical psychology, Developmental Psychopathology, Counseling Techniques, Neuropsychology, Senior psychology, Psychotherapy Seminar, PracticumⅠ, PracticumⅡ
  • Child Counseling(Child Care): Developmental Psychology, Psychological Statistics, Psychological Testing, Introduction to Childcare, Child welfare, Childhood care, Counseling Techniques, Family Therapy, Developmental Psychopathology, Human behavior and the social environment, Play education, Children's art, Music and movement therapy in early childhood, Theory of Volunteer work, Children health education, Theory of mental health, PracticumⅠ, Childcare Practicum


Career plans and job opportunities after graduation

  • Professionals with master's degrees with internships
  • Mental health counselors in hospitals/clinics and mental health centers
  • Counseling and education institutes
  • Career counselors, coaches in organizations, and school counselors
  • Victim specialists in the National Police Agency, Corrective officers/Crime prevention officers in the Department of Justice, Military counselors in MMA (Military Manpower Administration), etc.

Related Certifications

  • Mental health and clinical psychologists, Clinical psychologists, Counseling psychologists, Youth counselors, Criminal psychologists, etc.


Name Education Year Final Degree Major
Eun A Lee Seoul National University 2010 Ph.D. Department of Education, Counseling
Eun Young Koh Seoul National University 2011 Ph.D. Department of Education, Special Education
Eun Young Kim Bioia University 2009 Ph.D. Clinical Psychology
Jooryung Park Kyung Hee University 2016 Ph.D. Counseling Psychology
Nangyeon Lim Yonsei University 2015 Ph.D. Personality and Social Psychology