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Department of Biomedical Engineering

KYUNGIL UNIVERSITY Department of Biomedical Engineering

We cultivate men of talent in the research and development of high-tech medical system by means of the education effort based on the IT, NT, and BT including: medicine, information, mechatronics, and material science.


The market growth rate of medical system is about 10 percent each year as the number of medical system related enterprises rapidly increases. However, the rate of increase in high quality human resources has not been balanced with this demand. However, our department is now ready, with a well-organized and specialized curricula, for new students who have a passion for the emerging medical system research area to fill this gap.
Daegu Metropolitan City, where our school is located, succeeded in introducing one of Korea’s two new high-tech medical complexes in 2009 and 5 trillion and 6 hundred billion won will be invested in the area for the next 30 years. Deagu has also selected IT fusion medical devices as one of its New Growth Engines. Because of the new medical system manufacturers and R&D facilities in the high-tech medical complexes pouring into the Daegu area, new needs for medical specialists are expected to be immense. Our curricula includes basic medicine, electronics, biomechanics, medical information, medical safety, and domestic and international regulations, so that the education you obtain will contain broad knowledge of the industry and prepares you to be a “"must hire”" candidate in the advanced medical system industry. These areas include imaging, rehabilitation, mobile, and health-care devices.
Prepare for your future in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Kyungil University to become a competent professional in 'Medi City Daegu'. We are ready to serve you and give you the education to accomplish this!


  • First semester of the first year : Applied medical multimedia, Introduction to medical devices
  • Second semester of the first year : Medical computer programming, Emergency measures
  • First semester of the second year : Basic medical electronics, Advanced medical computer programming, Medical instrumentation
  • Second semester of the second year : Visual programming, Medical statistics, Digital system
  • First semester of the third year : Medical measurement and instrumentation, Signal and system, Digital system design, Advanced visual programming
  • Second semester of the third year : Biosignal measurement and process, Biomechanics, Microprocessor design
  • First semester of the forth year : Embedded system design, Medical imaging, Rehabilitation engineering, Medical information
  • Second semester of the forth year : Advanced medical image processing, Medical mechanical engineering, Medical ethics and regulations


  • Hospital, medical system manufacturer, medical engineering research center, electrical & electronic manufacturer
  • Computer engineering, health care, mechanical engineering
  • Metallurgical engineering, psychology, sport medical area


Name Education Year Final Degree Major
Jongwon Park Missouri University of Science and Technology 2009 Ph.D. Electrical Eng
Chulho Won Kyungpook National University 1998 Ph.D. Electronic Eng.
Choong Kim Korea University 2009 Ph.D. Medical Eng