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Department of Food Science and Development

KYUNGIL Department of Food Science and Development

  • To educate professionals who will be leaders in the food industry and propagate knowledge of a healthy diet to local communities and the nation
  • To offer hands-on field work experiences and carry out promotional programs in order to gain a comprehensive capacity for the areas of food science and nutrition


Food Sciences is a practical comprehensive study field which originated from the food industry and includes such areas as food production, processing and consumption. This science is closely associated with nutritional science which deals with the physiological outcome of food intake and its impact on human health.
In 2009, the Korean government declared certain areas to be main drivers for new growth. In this declaration the main drivers were the high value of food products, global health care, new materials, nano-fusion sciences and bio pharmaceuticals; all of which are related to the area of food science. Hence, we are expecting huge actual growth and tremendous social demands for food sciences.
The Division of Food Science offers two major tracks; Food Industry and Clinical Nutrition. The Food Industry track offers students the opportunity to study product development, planning, quality control and food technology. We also aim to cultivate future experienced experts in the food industry by focusing on field based practice. The Clinical Nutrition track offers several course works and a dietetic internship which are necessary for fostering professionals in food science and nutrition, food hygiene and clinical nutrition.


  • Core-requisite : General Chemistry, Biology, Food Science, Human Nutrition, Practices in Traditional Korean Food, Human Physiology in Nutrition, Food Chemistry, Food Microbiology and Laboratory, Food Processing, Food Sanitation and Law, Capstone Design, Field Experience (Food Industry or Dietetics)
  • Food Industry Track : Biochemistry and Laboratory, Practices in International Food, Bakery and Confectionary, Food and Beverage, Functional Foods, Novel Food Material, Food Analysis and Laboratory, Food Engineering, Food, Fermentation, Food Quality Control, Food Marketing
  • Clinical Nutrition Track : Nutrition throughout the Life Cycle, Biochemistry and Laboratory, Foods and Culture, Practices in International Food, Advanced Human Nutrition, Community Nutrition, Quantity Food Preparation and Practice, Nutrition Education and Counseling Practice, Food Service and Management, Clinical Nutrition and Practice, Nutritional Assessment and Laboratory
  • Capability-Reinforcement program : Study group, Practical English program, Tutoring program, Job-related certificate program


  • Careers : Research scientist in government agency, government or industry founded institutions/ Food Services and restaurant business/ Strategy of Food manufacturing and distribution, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, basic consumer products/ Confectionary companies, Bakeries, Catering services/ Officials/ Dieticians in hospitals, community health centers, industries, Departments/ Food coordinators, food stylist/ graduate Department/ Venture companies
  • Certification : Craftsman Cook, dietitian, Craftsman Confectionary Making, Craftsman


Name Education Year Final Degree Major
Mi Hyun Kim Ewha Womans University 2004 Ph.D. Clinical Nutrition
Sun Mee Lee Seoul National University 2000 Ph.D. Food and Nutrition
Bum-Sik Kim Yonsei University 2010 Ph.D. Science for Aging
Seung-Hwan Lee Cornell University 2005 Ph.D. Food Science&Technology
Joon-Tae Bae Yeungnam University 2000 Ph.D. Sitology