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Department of Sport

KYUNGIL UNIVERSITY Department of Sport

We are aiming to train special manpower in the area of scholastic sports industry theory, as well as the aim to produce creative professionals through leadership training.


  • The Department of Sport was founded on the principle of cultivating specialty manpower in the area of the sports industry that corresponds to a world-wide trend towards globalization * information * and industrialization. This program and its' goal cultivates professional manpower in the sports field. The curriculum stresses growth in the ability of the body to adapt and it cultivates business awareness skills in our students.
  • The Department of Sport focuses on sports theory which leads to a sports management track. The sports medicine track provides students with the chance to obtain various merits. Also, students of the Department of Sport participate in major cooperation with extensive enterprises through on-the-job training and in an internship program that leads to qualification certificate acquisition. The program focuses on these relationships in order to cultivate students' ability to advance in the sports field. The program has both educational and practical elements in order to give students a well rounded educational experience.

  • Curriculum

    Sports Management, Sports Marketing, Sports Psychology, Sports Industry, Sports Organization, Events Business of the Sports Field, Research Methods in Sport Marketing, Sport Agent Business, Anatomy of the Human Body, Exercise Physiology, Principle of Exercise Nutrition, Athletic Injuries, Exercise Prescription, Training, Exercise Rehabilitation, Obesity Management, Sports Medicine


    Public Enterprise, Professional Club Management, Public Relations Agency, Events Business of the Sports Field, Sports Agent, Exercise Prescription, Personal Trainer, Athletic Trainer, Sports for all Leaders


    Name Education Year Final Degree Major
    Sang Il Park Yonsei. University 2005 Ph.D. Sport Marketing
    Jae Young Park Seoul National University 2012 Ph.D. Physiology of Exercise