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Department of K-Beauty and Cosmetology

KYUNGIL UNIVERSITY Department of K-Beauty and Cosmetology

The Department of K-Beauty and Cosmetology is the very first such school in Daegu and Gyeongsangbuk-do province to establish a 4 year bachelor's degree course. The School provides teachers’ programs and a graduate school. We also prepare students to be professional hair design practitioners, make-up artists, and beauty therapists.


  • In the Department of K-Beauty and Cosmetology, students learn professional skills in make-up art, hair design and beauty therapy and explore the importance of teamwork through a series of projects. Students also acquire the practical skills of make-up, hair design and beauty therapy together with broader academic studies which gives them a contemporary and historical understanding of this creative discipline within the wider perspectives of fashion, society, and environment. In addition, students learn research skills, both visual and academic, which underpin creative practice and allows them to develop analytical skills and critical awareness.
  • The School offers defined courses of study and a specialized curriculum. The makeup course consists of various stylist curriculums, and the course of hair is made up of trichology and back stage art work analysis. The course of beauty therapy also cultivates skin care experts. Health education has an especially diverse curriculum which encompasses a health care program.


Beauty Illustration, Make-up and Photography, Trend Make-up, Fantasy Make-up, Body Painting, Make-up for Film and T.V, Stage Make-up, Prosthetics for T.V. and Film, Colour Studies, Nail Arts, Hair Styling, Hair Art, Hair Cut, Hair Coloring, Trichology, Aroma Therapy, Anatomy and Physiology, Medical Skin Care, Reflexology, Spa Therapy, Healing Therapy, Obesity treatment, Beauty Nutrition, Clinical salon treatment, Dermatology, Cosmetic Science


  • Beauty Styling Area : Make-up Artist for the Fashion Industry, Make-up Artist for T.V.& Film, Make-up Artist for Cosmetic Brands, Image Styling Artists, Colorist, Stylist, Trichologist, Hair Dresser, Hair Designer, Hair Designer for T.V. & Film
  • Beauty Therapy Area : Beauty Therapist, SPA Therapist, Esthetician, Healthcare Coordinator, Beauty Consultant, Medical Consultant, SPA Consultant, Beauty Manager, SPA Manager, Cosmetic Marketer, Footcare Specialist
  • Beauty Welfare Area : Kinds of disabilities and the elderly-related companies, such as silver town
  • Beauty Health Education Area : Oriental Hospital and Clinic, Plastic Surgery, Dermatology, Social Welfare Institutions Welfare Facilities, Public Health, Preventive Care Centers, Senior Citizens' Welfare Facilities and Agencies
  • Beauty Related Education Area : High School teacher, Beauty Instructor, Professor, Teacher, etc.


Name Education Year Final Degree Major
Soo Kyung Kwon Notthingham Trent University 2007 M.A. Visual Art
Jung Won Kim Catholic University of Daegu 1997 Ph.D. Home Economic, Fashion marketing
Seon Min Park Sung-shin University 2010 M.S. Skin Care & Obesity management
Bo Kyung Hong Seoul National University 2010 Ph.D. Public Health
Heung Soo Yoon In Ha University 1991 Ph.D. Textile Chemistry