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School of Convergence Industry Technology

KYUNGIL UNIVERSITY School of Convergence Industry Technology


The smart automobile related industry is developing at a rapid pace, as the era of autonomous driving, is approaching. The future smart automobiles are evolving into convergence with IT technology such as Internet of Things (IoT), big data, and artificial intelligence. The Smart Vehicle Major provide a variety of learning experience through various education programs and aim to train talented people with practical skills and technical ability by cultivating high-tech specialists required for the future automobile industry. It aims to enhance the value of the industry job for the employees of automobile parts manufacturing companies. Furthermore, courses will contribute to the improvement of the field adaptability and the actual production process innovation of the auto parts manufacturing companies by utilizing the production facilities of major industries.

The Smart Factory major is based on Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) technology, and the manufacturing industry combined with smart devices, big data, and IoT to recognize the step-by-step convergence of all value chain including fish productivity, energy efficiency maximization, business and customer management. The goal is to nurture experts who can utilize intelligent manufacturing environments for factory building. Youll learn smart factory knowledge module, robot application knowledge module, and electricity related knowledge module for factory operation with optimal production system. Convergence type, customized and practical training programs will contribute to strengthening the systematic and high-level smart factory expertise.


  • Future automobile systems, digital systems, microprocessor application design, smart factory operating system, automobile production engineering, etc.
  • Field Automation, IoT Communication Module, Artificial Intelligence Knowledge Module, IoT / Sensor Based SW, 3D Printing Knowledge Module, Smart Factory Module, Augmented Reality + IoT, Production Operation System, Analysis Simulation Module


  • Machinery / Automobiles field: domestic and foreign automobile manufacturers, machinery and auto parts manufacturing industries, etc.
  • IT or, Other industries: semiconductor and electronics manufacturing industry, subway, high-speed rail industry, venture business establishment etc.
  • Science and Technology field: Aerospace, maritime industry, government and business research institutes, etc.


Name Education Year Final Degree Major
Jin Choon Lee KyungPook National University 1993 Ph.d. business administration
Hong Bae Lee Pusan National University 1990 Ph.d. business administration
Sang Goo Lee Seoul National University 2000 Ph.d. molecular biology