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School of Information Communication Technology

KYUNGIL UNIVERSITY School of Information Communication Technology


The School of Information and Communication Technology is a convergence of business administration and mechanics. You can learn disciplines related to management (accounting), IT / communication, manufacturing, machinery, design, transportation / logistics, and environment. Courses aim to nurture talented individuals with smart management system expertise, such as business management, marketing capability, information management capability and industrial application ability, through the course of fusion of mechanical engineering and business administration, theory and practice of research planning, and on-the-job training.

With the development of information technology and IT technology industry grows, the amount of information produced on earth is increasing by 40% every year, and the big data era has arrived. The need for big data analysts and consultants to identify trends, companies, and market trends and utilize big data is increasing. As a school of ICT student, youll learn about data science knowledge module, big data collection, storage, analysis and strategy, The program is designed to prepare you to effectively manage people, finances and risk for organizations. You’ll graduate with versatile expertises and knowledge, a competitive edge in the job market, and the skills you need to create value throughout your career.


Supply Chain Management, ISO System Practice, Knowledge Management System, Financial Analysis Practice, Statistical Quality Control, FinTech Module, Smart Finance Module, Smart Logistics, Global Marketing Module etc.


  • Financial engineering, communication management, product planning / development, knowledge-based e-commerce, e-manufacturing, risk / PL, management innovation, Data analysis expert, data science expert, big data analysis specialist and consultant
  • Academia and research institutes, business management specialists, manufacturing and information communication fields, ventures, financial institutions, etc.
  • Graduate School (Statistics, Computer, Industrial Engineering, Business Administration, MBA), Statistics and Computing Laboratories, Government Investment Organizations, National and Public Laboratories, National Statistical Office and Government Institutions, Processing department, quality control department, financial sector (bank, insurance, securities company) marketing, new product development, CRM department


Name Education Year Final Degree Major
Jin Choon Lee KyungPook National University 1993 Ph.d. business administration
Hong Bae Lee Pusan National University 1990 Ph.d. business administration
Sang Goo Lee Seoul National University 2000 Ph.d. molecular biology