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Department of Nuclear Energy Convergence

KYUNGIL UNIVERSITY Department of Nuclear Energy Convergence


As the demand for domestic nuclear technology grows, we aim to nurture nuclear engineers who will guide the policy makings and R &D for the next nuclear industry that can replace fossil energy and minimize greenhouse gas emissions. Youll learn about the energy related knowledge and field work that will help you understand the global nuclear power market and contribute to the development of high quality electric energy. By successfully completing the degree program. you’ll be able to foster competitive edge in the job market, and the tools you need to create value throughout your career.


Energy efficiency module, energy efficient module, future energy industry module, smart grid module, complex energy module, carbon abatement technology module, renewable energy utilization / commercialization module, object internet module, energy efficiency module, startup business module etc.


Provides various job selection opportunities related to the energy industry such as nuclear research institutes, nuclear power companies, nuclear power repair companies, engineering and construction companies, radiation / radioactive isotope handling companies and companies, and energy system component suppliers


Name Education Year Final Degree Major
Jin Choon Lee KyungPook National University 1993 Ph.d. business administration
Hong Bae Lee Pusan National University 1990 Ph.d. business administration
Sang Goo Lee Seoul National University 2000 Ph.d. molecular biology