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Undergraduate Programs

Introduction to Fusione College

The mission of Fusione College is focused on developing and running general education courses in the modern sense which fuse the needs of the time, based on the spirit of free liberal education.

The term “Fusione” in Fusione College of KIU means fusion and harmony in Italian, which symbolizes our fundamental goal of providing creative convergence education courses, fusing the spirit of the traditional liberal education which aims to liberate human beings and provide education which reflects the change and demand of a new era. Fusione College also tries to eliminate the barrier and the sense of difference between liberal education and major education and pursue the genuine liberal education which is harmonized with the direction and aim of KIU education.

Liberal education generally refers to unrestrained and unconventional education, which means to bring up a free person through a free quest for knowledge and education. According to this principle, the goal and content of liberal education and its method should be based on freedom. In this sense, liberal education indicates the process of a free quest for knowledge for cultivating free people.

The term what we might call freedom here does not have the negative and passive meaning of becoming free from restriction, but has an active and positive meaning, being capable of doing something. The educational programs which blend not only liberal education with today’s needs but also liberal education and major education are the education model of KIU to provide freedom in the truest sense of the word. Fusion and harmony are introduced to give the ability to enjoy real freedom to the entire KIU community in the complicated and rapidly changing modern society. These are the key words in our educational goals.

We are running these huge projects one after another, so we will bring up KIU students capable of enjoying freedom through education based on fusion and harmony.

The Fusione College is a College of Basic Studies fostering creative talents that modern society needs by fusing liberal education and major education.