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Undergraduate Programs

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School of Computer Engineering


Our program aims to train students to be Consumer-directed IT Engineers who will lead the Digital 21st Century in Technology and Culture.


Computer Engineering is a fundamental field of study in the 21st century's high-tech information society as information and data has become one of the most important resources. Our program is a leader in the development of theoretical research in information technology and it trains our students to meet industry demands.

This field of study offers fundamental courses in Computer Engineering and Communication. It also offers advanced courses in Computer Engineering, Comprehensive Information Communication Networks, and Mobile Communication.

We also offer essential courses in order to meet the demands of the information society, such as, Data Structures, Operating Systems, Databases, Programming Languages, Computer Communications, Computer Architecture, Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms, Natural Language Translation, Object Oriented Programming Systems, etc.


Foundation Courses (freshman and sophomore) in computer engineering provide students with a fundamental understanding of the computer science field. Students are encouraged to create programming interfaces to express new IT technology by learning fundamental computer logic, programming concepts and communication technology. Based on these foundation courses, major courses (junior and senior) are focused on problem solving subjects including web programming, algorithms, databases, intelligence systems, network programming, system security, computer graphics, new IT seminar, capstone design, and more.


Many breakthroughs in information technology have increased the demand for talented computer engineers in various fields. To support these requirements, the Department of Computer Engineering trains consumer-directed IT engineers to lead the 21st century's digital technology and culture. There is a bright future for graduates from the perspective of job opportunities in the department of computer engineering as categorized below.

  • Government Job : Government computer center, civilian worker in the military, etc.
  • Public institutes : University computer center, hospital computer center, bank computer center, etc.
  • IT company : Software developer, network manager, mobile programmer, game developer, web designer, database manager, computer graphics specialist, multimedia contents developer, etc.
  • Graduate school : domestic/abroad graduate school.


Name Education Year Final Degree Major
Kweon Yang Kim Kyungpook National University 1998 Ph.D. Artificial Intelligence
Hyun-Chul Joh Colorado State University 2011 Ph.D. Computer Science
Youn Ky Jeong Yeungnam University 1996 Ph.D. Data Communication
LL Kyu Ha Yeungnam University 2003 Ph.D. Software Engineering