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Message from Dean Graduate Programs

Message from Dean

Welcoming Message

Globalization is changing our world faster than we can imagine. In this constantly changing environment, we have to embrace fast paced innovation, change and our ability to adapt. We have to be able to meet these challenges. So today, more than ever, it is imperative that we are prepared to face the challenge.

Kyungil University’s Graduate Program is a leader at giving students the means to maximize their potential and prepare them for these new world realities. It also strives to give students the tools that they will need in order to adapt and succeed. All the while, our program goes beyond others in terms of our vision and integration of the concept of Globalization.

Since 1999, Kyungil University’s Graduate Program has consistently led our students into a new world by offering programs that are tailor made and customized to meet the needs of our students. It has consistently integrated the ideas of globalization and it has offered a top notch program that has been both competitive and progressive.

At Kyungil University’s Graduate Program, we believe that all facets of academia should be represented because we have seen Globalization expand into ever corner of society. Keeping with this philosophy, our program now spans a lot of majors. All of which get a specialized education that is in tune with our vision that students should be armed with the skills they will need to succeed in today’s Globalized world.

Dean of Graduate School
Lee, Jin Choon, Ph.D.