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Academic programs and the number of admitted students

Number of Admitted Students

Number of Admitted Students
Classification Number of Admitted Students Note
Unlimited Admission Quota
  • Overseas residents who completed their entire primary and secondary education outside of Korea
  • A foreign national whose parents are both foreign nationals
  • A foreign national who completed their entire primary and secondary education outside of Korea
  • North Korean Refugees
20 Within 10% of the total admission
Total 20

Departments and Programs

Departments and Programs
Field Program Major
Humanism and
Social Science
School of Business
  • Business Administration,
  • Railway Management,
  • Tourism Management
Department of Tax and Accounting
Department of Finance & Security
Department of International Economics & Trade
Department of Real Estate & Cadastrology
Department of Public Administration
Department of Police Science
Department of Social Welfare
  • Social Welfare
  • Multicultural Welfare
Department of English
  • English
Department of Information Science & Library Studies
Engineering School of Mechanical & Automotive Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering,
  • Automotive Engineering,
  • Mechanical Design Engineering
Department of Chemical Engineering
Department of New & Renewable Energy
Department of Fire Safety
  • Fire Protection System,
  • Fire Safety
School of Architecture
  • Architectural Engineering,
  • Architectural Design
School of Construction Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Construction and Geoinformatics
  • Engineering
Department of Geoinformatics Engineering
School of Railway & Electrical Engineering
  • Railway Engineering,
  • Electrical Engineering
Department of Applied Robotics
Department of Electronic Engineering
Department of Computer Engineering
School of Food Science
  • Food Engineering,
  • Food & Nutrition
Undeclared Majors in Engineering
Health Science Department of Nursing
Department of Emergency Medical Technology
Department of Psychotherapy
Department of High Tech. Medical Systems
Arts School of Photography & Motion Picture
  • Photography, Video
School of Design
  • Industrial Design, Visual
  • Communication Design,Fashion
  • Design, Living Design
Department of Beauty
  • Beauty Styling, Beauty Therapy
Department of Sports