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Undergraduate Programs

Department of Undeclared Majors

KYUNGIL UNIVERSITY Department of Undeclared Majors


The Department of Undeclared Major was established in 2015 to nurture talented people who would be able to explore a variety of diverse academic fields, before choosing a career path. The department offers opportunities for new students to build an educational foundation for their future by enabling students to experience different programs, which will enhance creative and convergent ideas. Highlights of the Department of Undeclared Major are as follows;
Firstly, students can choose their own major at the end of their first year of study. This extra period of time to declare a major is a great advantage to those students who understand the importance of higher education, but are still unclear of their future career goals. Undeclared Major students will explore various majors within Kyungil University freely for a year and then decide their own major based on their interests and abilities. Once they select and are accepted into their own program major, then they will begin the new program at the commencement of their sophomore year. At the end of the first year, the freshman students can select any major within the university except from the department of nursing and the department of emergency engineering.
Secondly, basic academic skills can be improved, during this undeclared major period, by taking systematic programs. This incubation period is another great advantage for students who are either lacking confidence in their academic ability or for those students who want to maximize their learning potential by improving and strengthening their academic foundation. Students will hone in on their English proficiency and math abilities, which are important for many of the academic majors at Kyungil University. Throughout the first year of the Undeclared Major Department, students will firmly build their basic academic skills and successfully focus towards one of the major programs at Kyungil University, such as in the humanities, social sciences, or natural sciences. This unique experience in the Undeclared Major Department at Kyungil University will help students find more meaningful employment and further help each student be successful in society throughout the years ahead.


Students in the Department of Undeclared Major will not decide their university major, initially. During the first year at Kyungil University, students will be given opportunities to explore their own interests and abilities by taking a variety of classes. The curriculum is divided into two categories, engineering and non-engineering programs.
The curriculum includes: “Computing Mind and Problem Solving, English Speaking 1, English Physics 2, Design Thinking, Freshman Life, CPR and First Aid Treatment, Fourth Industry, Future Creative Arts, Fun Philosophy Story, Creative Thinking and Writing, Engineering Ethics, Life Ethics, Basic Japanese Language, Digital Media and Art, Basic Mathematics, Linear Algebra, Basic Physics, General Physics 1 & 2, General Physics Experiment 1 & 2”


During the first year, students will closely analyze their interests and abilities, consider trends in the job market, and then select the most suitable majors that match their core competencies and desires. Students can maximize their learning ability by choosing majors that suit their own needs. Students also have an added personal value in their major selection and ultimate career choice, because they had spent more time and effort in their decision while in the Undeclared Major Department. This added time will help students focus on their studies and in their future line of work. As a result, the Department of Undeclared Major is helpful to the students now at Kyungil University and in the future, no matter what career they choose.