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Mission Statement
The mission of KIU, grounded on our nation's founding principle, humanitarianism, is to produce talented individuals who are to contribute to the prosperity of our own nation and the whole of humanity. In accomplishing the mission, KIU advocates truth, creativity, and enthusiasm : Truth here indicates truthful goals, opinions, and mind; creativity the spirit to explore new challenges; and enthusiasm the mind to achieve goals enthusiastically.
These ideas are incorporated and represented specifically in the educational goals of KIU.

01. Holistic Intellectuals

The purpose of education based on real intention is to nurture talented people who are trusted by everyone.

The ultimate goal of education is to cultivate the right person. The right person here means not only a person who has intellectual and technical abilities, but a well-rounded person of knowledge, virtue, and body. Well-rounded education is an educational virtue which is most urgently needed to overcome the problems of human alienation and dehumanization and restore healthy humanity in today's industrial society. And the intellectual person is not simply the owner of knowledge, but develops knowledge and practices universal values, ??such as truth, freedom, and justice. Unlike the worldling who acts for material and personal interests, the intellectual is an ethical doer that plays a public role for eternal truth and justice. In this regard, since the standard of intellectuals is the well-rounded person, the educational purpose of Kyungil University is to train "the people who are trusted by everyone."

02. Creative Professionals

The purpose of education based on creativity is to cultivate new talented people who seek newness whenever and wherever.

Modern society is so diverse and complex that it is very difficult for an individual to be omnipotent in all areas. But a professional can successfully deal with the work he or she is assigned by having expertise in one area. Because professionals are able to handle their work successfully, they are recognized in society and have more opportunities for self-realization. Therefore, many people consider one's studies and their applications as an important function of the university.

It is no exaggeration to say that this is the most significant part of the university's role. However, in order to carry out the function of the academic inquiry, creativity is required above everything else. The creativity that a university has to possess is not only to acquire existing knowledge and skills but also to create new knowledge and skills. In order to become a professional, it is necessary to create these academic and scientific technologies. And if professionalism means the ability to solve concrete problems, it is necessary to cultivate practical abilities rather than gaining abstract knowledge.

Kyungil University has thus set the goal of educating 'new talents who are seeking newness whenever and wherever' because it emphasizes the fact that a complex and diverse future society demands excellent professionals.

03. Active Volunteers

The purpose of education based on enthusiasm is to nurture new talented people with enthusiasm to challenge anything.

Today, universities can not simply insist on freedom and privilege as a scholarly community?a unique purpose of pursuit of truth and education of scientific knowledge. Universities must actively accept the demands and needs of their society and serve for social welfare. Faced with the increasing tendency of their expanded and highlighted social functions, universities should adjust their roles to cope with changes in social structure, and the direction of their adjustments should be strengthening the social service function.

Social service starts with the major premise of cultivating human resources capable of contributing to the nation and the human society and returns to society the intellectual and material resources retained by the university. Meanwhile, it is important for universities to improve the efficiency of service activities through close cooperation with the local community.

'Service' is an ideology and a practical virtue demanding action so is meaningless when one does not practice in action. However, practice requires one to have a passion to love others before one's actions. When the mind to understand and embrace others is preceded, the practice of service can be done voluntarily, and it can become a way of life. This is the reason why Kyungil University has decided to set up the educational goal of "cultivating new talented people with enthusiasm to challenge anything" according to the educational philosophy of "enthusiasm".