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Greetings from the Director

Experience KIU and live on Campus!

The KIU dormitory offers students the opportunity to experience University Life in a way that is unmatched to those who live off campus. Students who live on campus have several advantages that allow them to excel in the university atmosphere. Being close to the things they need like the university computer labs and library gives students the chance to have all the facilities and staff that can help them exceed in their academic studies close by. Also, think of all the potential study partners that can be found within the Dorm. Most importantly, think of the relationships that can easily be developed as a consequence of living in such close proximity to those who are in the same shoes as you.

At the KIU dormitory we pride ourselves on presenting our students with the best possible experience by giving them a comfortable and cozy environment to live. In addition, our impeccable facilities mean that residents can experience University life in a safe, clean, quiet, and healthy environment. It is like a home away from home and this atmosphere allows students to take advantage of the facilities that will help them improve their social and educational life. It is truly an environment where friendships and academic relationships blossom.

It is KIU's policy to make students feel at home when they are on campus and the Dormitory management tries to stay true to this mandate by continually searching for and implementing new ways to improve our facilities. Furthermore, our KIU residents are encouraged to observe and obey the disciplinary rules that are set out for all of our members. With responsible residents and a management team who cares and aims for the best we can make our dormitory a place where everyone can live happily together.

So take the step to improve your life and become a resident! Join us, respect each other and build healthy relationships with other KIU students. Strive to be a member in the spirit of cooperation, and mutual respect. Be responsible and safe and begin building your life from a fundamental base with relationships and experiences that will last a lifetime. And do it all while living at the KIU Dormitory.

Thank you