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Selection Procedure and Criteria

Portion of each selection Criteria in selection process

Portion of each selection Criteria in selection process
Classification Required documents interview Documents Total
Unlimited Admission Quota
- Foreigners or Oversea Residents
Entire Department and Majors - 100% 100%

Personal Statement and Plan of Study


Include family background, academic achievements, extracurricular commitments and accomplishments, volunteer work, employment experience, and your reasons for applying to KIU. Other appropriate topics may include the following but are limited to: personal interests, pastime activities, opinions on music, the arts. Hand-write a minimum of one page on an A4 sheet (for foreign student, this should include financial sponsorship).

Evaluation Criteria

  1. Reason for applying KIU, Personal History (Suitability & Personality)
  2. Suitability for programs
  3. Plan of Study
  4. Final goal (Potential for achievement of study plan, details)
  5. Writing Skills
  6. Plan of financial sponsorship (For foreign nationals only)

Decision of admission

A final decision of admission will be based on the total test score.
An evaluation score in the Study plan below the 50th percentile will not be considered for a final decision.
If two applicants have the same total test score, priority will be given to longevity of the students’ study period, interview score, Korean language proficiency and the younger applicant. Any issues not indicated in this information will be dealt with the principle of admission decision determined by University.