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Chairman of the Foundation

Since Kyungil University was established approximately four decades ago, the university has continued to educate and produce many talented people who contribute substantially to local communities and the whole nation. In addition to such societal responsibility, the university itself has also achieved many things externally such as the relocation of its old campus to the new one, and the establishment of an information super highway.

Chairman of the foundation
Ha, Seong-Gyu

In order to achieve a consistent societal function and campus growth our university has put unfailing efforts into nurturing creative and intelligent students who can actively face new challenges and have the capacity to transform themselves to meet societal demands.

To achieve this main educational goal, we continuously develop Kyungil University into an institution that serves for the development of the nation and the people. Kyungil University stays committed to developing itself into a world class democratic institution that keeps truth, creativity, and enthusiasm ahead of all else and to develop it into an institution that creatively and energetically deals with new hardships and challenges.