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The Diagram of the KIU Mission Vision, Development Goal, and Development Strategies Development Strategies and Action Tasks

Development Strategies and Action Tasks

KIU will achieve'the creation of the KIU brand value through innovation challenges'by putting into practice development strategies - 3P innovation - and action tasks - inner capability, specialization capability, and place capability enhancement.

Development Strategies

Development Strategies and Action Tasks

Action Tasks

01. Inner Capability Enhancement

Innovation in educational capability
  • Establishing global hands-on education
  • Recruiting first-class faculty
  • Enhancing self-employment capability
  • Nurturing students to be globally-minded
  • Restructuring school systems and programs
  • Securing its responsibility and autonomy in university administration
  • Establishing its rationale in the administration
  • Establishing an affluent financial situation

02. Specialization Capacity Enhancement

Specializing projects in the university and its education
  • Specializing in core academic fields
  • Specializing in interdisciplinary programs
  • Establishing an infrastructure for industry-university collaboration
  • Specializing in graduate programs for industry-university collaboration
  • Establishing a local base for industry-university collaboration

03. Infrastructure Capacity Enhancement

Embodiment of high-tech network and intelligent campus
  • Making a U-learning campus
  • Structuring a smart-phone-based campus
  • Establishing a field-based second campus
  • Constructing an infrastructure for a high-tech information campus
  • Constructing one-stop administration services