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Dormitory Application

KYUNGIL UNIVERSITY Dormitory Application

  1. The number of students to be admitted : 1512 students
  2. Period of Application
    • Spring Semester : Freshman - After the official announcement of successful candidates
                                Enrolled Students - 10 days before the winter vacation starts
    • Fall Semester : 10 days before the summer vacation starts
  3. Selection Criterion
    • Students who live outside of Daegu except Dalsung-gun are given priority.
    • The physically handicapped, students from low income families, students with unemployed parents, andstudents with parents who have received a civil honor are preferentially selected for up to 10 % of total number of residence available.
    • Accepted freshmen are all selected. Enrolled students who have an average GPA of 2.5 from the semester before are randomly selected.
    • Students who are considered acceptable by the director are selected.
  4. Prohibited Students
    • Students who have broken dormitory rules.
    • Students who have been expelled from the dormitory.
    • Students who have been exposed to an infectious disease and have not submitted a medical report.
  5. Furnishings
    • Bed, bed sheet, desk, chair, bookshelf, closet, and shoe rack
  6. Personal Preparations
    • Bedding Clothes, toiletries, slippers, personal belongings, and a lock
    • Permitted Items : computers, reading lamps, printers, mini cassette players, and hairdryers.
    • Prohibited Items : items which may cause a potential fire hazard such as an electric blanket, hot plates or irons are not permitted.
  7. Required Documents
    • Medical Report : Chest X-ray and Hepatitis test results must be included.
      • - Sudents who are suffering from tuberculosis or contagious hepatitis are not permitted entry.
      • - A medical check is implemented early in the semester at a designated hospital at a 60% discounted price.
    • 2 (3*4 photos)
    • A Consent form