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Undergraduate Programs

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School of Design


The School of Design aims to educate our students to become innovative designers. Our students can choose to major in Industrial Design, Visual Communication Design, Fashion Design, or Living Design.


Industrial Design: Product Design Track

The Industrial Design program prepares students to lead the way in designing useful products for an increasingly complex society. Our program trains students to understand and employ advanced design tools, methods, and environments to improve the way we live, work, and play. Students will learn how to design and implement practical solutions to society’s most pressing challenges. We aim to cultivate creative designers who understand the entire design process, including production, sales, distribution, marketing, and management. The program actively encourages our students to collaborate with industry. We help them find design internships at companies, as well as participate in national and international design competitions and exhibitions.

Industrial Design: Visual Communication Design Track

Contemporary culture increasingly demands compelling visual communication. We now think in pictures and words. In the Visual Communication Design program, we train our students how to satisfy the information needs of clients and customers by visually communicating the human experience. Visual Communication Design has traditionally focused on graphic design, but its definition is expanding. Now, it involves motion graphics, animation, new media, service design, and design management. Our program offers hands-on courses in these areas to prepare our students for the future of visual communication design. Our program actively facilitates student collaboration with industry. We help our students find design internships at companies, as well as participate in national and international design competitions and exhibitions.

Fashion Design

Our Fashion Design education nurtures students to be creative. Students learn how to develop finished garments and merchandise products in this challenging fashion industry. We guide students to become professionals who are equipped with fashion design planning initiative and marketing skills. The global fashion industry is becoming more refined and specialized. Our program offers a systematic and distinguished curriculum with hands-on experience studio classes. This allows our students to keep up with the fast-changing field. Our program continues to build an academic-industry collaboration network in order to establish a relevant curriculum, industry competitiveness, as well as foster exports in the fashion design field.

Living Design

The Living Design program prepares its students to become future designers who will be able to enrich the quality of human life in the 21st century. Both digital and analogue world coexist in the current society, demanding multidisciplinary and innovative designers. In accordance with this societal need, this program helps students understand diverse culture, suggest a new trend, and advance their work together with design and art. This program, also, prepares its students for professional design positions through hands-on classes in a studio.


Foundation Courses for All Majors

Design Drawing, Basic Plastic Art, Design and Creative Thinking, Design Material, Application Medium, & Visual Presentation, Form, Mass, & Space Design, Color & Image), Basic 2D Graphic Program), Advanced 2D Graphic Program, Applications in Graphic Program, Design History, Emotional Engineering, Design and Human Factors Engineering)

Elective Courses for Industrial Design

Industrial Product Design, Product Concept Design, Product Concept Design, Design Trend Market, Basic 3D Modeling & Rendering, Convergence Design, Capstone Design, Portfolio and Presentation, Internship Program, Typography, Illustration, Identity Design, Design Management, Design Fair Project

Required Courses for Product Design Track

Design for Lifestyle, Contextual Design Planning, Product System Design, Product Interface & Interaction, Space & Product Design Project, Product & Service System Design, Space & Product Design Studio, Advanced 3D Modeling & Rendering, Applications in 3D Modeling & Rendering

Required Courses for Visual Communication Design Track

Information Design, Package Design, Publication Design, Type & Motion Design Web Design, Branding Design, Visual Communication Design Project, Visual Communication System Design, Visual Communication Design Workshop

Required Courses for Living Design

Fiber Technique, Flower Container Design, Decoration Product Design, Environment Ceramic Design, Architectural Ceramic Design, Ceramic Bowl Design, Ceramic Technique, Furniture Material and Construction, Study of Woodworking, Furniture Design, Wooden Product Design, Street Furniture, Special Study of Woodworking, Dyeing Design, Fiber Product Design I, Fiber Product Design II, Textile Design, Capstone Design 1, Capstone Design 2

Required Courses for Fashion Design

Fashion Materials, Textile Design, Smart Fashion, Draping, Fashion Design Internship 1, Fashion Design Internship 2, Creative Clothing Design Internship, Creative Clothing Design Production, Fashion Drawing, Analysis of Fashion Design Collection, Fashion Art, Basic Apparel Construction, History of Costume, Computer Fashion Design, History of Korean Costume, Construction of Clothing, Capstone Design)


Industrial Design

Industrial Product Designer, Space-Exhibition Designer, Display Designer, Design Researcher, Design StrategistㆍPlannerㆍConsultant, Design Policy Maker, Design Educator, Designer in national and international design firms

Visual Communication Design

Graphic Designer, Color Expert, Advertisement and PR company, Newspaper and Broadcast Media Station, Motion GraphicsㆍAnimation Consultant, National and International Education or Design Firm, Design Consultant, Web Designer, User Experience Designer

Fashion Design

National and international fashion design firm, TextileㆍFashion Design Research Institute, Fashion Designer, Fashion Stylist, Fashion Illustrator, Fashion Color Expert, Pattern Maker, Fashion Merchandiser, Textile Designer, Display Designer, Secondary School Teacher

Living Design

Design Consultant, Designer in corporate company, Furniture Designer, Interior Designer, Craft related company(Ceramic, wood, or textile), Textile Design Company, Ceramic Industry Company, Secondary School Teacher.


Name Education Year Final Degree Major Website
Dai Sung Kim Lyon II University 2000 Master Communication Design
Taesun Kim Ewha W. University Ph.D. Candidate Industrial Design
Carnegie Mellon University 2009 M.A. Arts Management
Jisun An Georgia Institute of Technology 2009 M.S. Digital Media

Yoomi lee

Carnegie Mellon University



Interaction Design

Guan Joong Kim Kyunghee University 2008 Ph.D. Fashion Design
Gyu Hee Doh Youngnam University 1995 Ph.D. Home Economics(Fashion Design)
Myung Soo Park Dankook University 1991 Ph.D. Textile of Engineering
Kyung Soon Choi Youngnam University 1987 Ph.D. Fashion Design
Hyung Goo Kang Hongik University 2010 Ph.D. Woodworking & Furniture Design
young Sook Kim Catholic
University of Daegu
2010 Ph.D. Fiber Art
Joo Young Lee University of the Arts London, London College of Fashion 2009 Master Fashion Design Technology Womenswear
Myung Jo Lee Catholic
University of Daegu
1976 M.F.A. Fiber Art
Jeom Chan Lee Catholic
University of Daegu
2011 Ph.D. Ceramic Art
Bok Sang Jung Daegu
2004 Ph.D. Wood Craft
In Cheol Choi Hongik
1979 M.F.A. Ceramic Craft


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