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Undergraduate Programs

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School of Business


The School of Business at Kyungil University educates students to become business leaders through offering practical education services about business, railroad and tourism management.


The School of Business strives to educate students to become business leaders in business, financial or public companies. A variety of practical programs allow students to improve their business skill and practical knowledge. Through professional education, students can achieve many employment opportunities for employment in various industries. We run three majors: business administration, railroad management and tourism management. Students can choose a major in one of these areas according to their preference. Moreover, we invite the CEO's of local and public companies as professors in order to promote industry-university collaboration. And we offer a variety of focused programs for students to improve their specific knowledge-base and earn several certificates. This eventually helps students achieve employment opportunities.


Principles of Business Administration, Marketing, Financial Management, Organizational Behavior, Marketing Research, Investment Theory, Database, Management Information Systems, Production and Operations Management, Railroad Operation Systems, Enterprise Resource Planning, Railroad Safety Management, Railroad Logistics, Theory of Railroad Policy Theory of Tourism Resources, Hospitality Management, Hotel Marketing, Theory of Food Service Industry, Tourism Management


  • Public officials, public corporations (Railroad or Subway Corp)
  • Business or financial companies (Bank, stock or insurance company)
  • Domestic and foreign hotels
  • Specialized jobs (CPA, Tex Accountant)
  • Graduate schools


Name Education Year Final Degree Major
Joong Saeng Kwon Kyung-buk National University 1991 Ph.D. Organizational Behavior
Hyun Woo Kim Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology 2006 Ph.D. Industrial Engineering
Jiyong Shin Korea University 1992 Ph.D. Marketing
Sang Ho Lee Korea University 1992 Ph.D. Financial Management
In Seong Lee Yonsei University 2008 Ph.D. Human-Computer Interaction
Jin Choon Lee Kyung-buk National University 1991 Ph.D. Production/Operations Management
Ji-Seung Kim Seoul National University 1991 Ph.D. Inventory Management
Hong Bae Lee Pusan National University 1991 Ph.D. Management Information System
Seok Bong Jeong Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology 2005 Ph.D. Industrial Engineering
Cha Il Chung Soong-shil University 1989 Ph.D. Marketing
Hee O kim Kyungnam University 2004 Ph.D. Financial Management