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Undergraduate Programs

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Department of International Economics and Trade

KYUNGIL UNIVERSITY Department of International Economics and Trade

The Department of International Economics and Trade promotes hands-on education through taking part in trade exhibitions and also overseas language study.


s globalization and informatization have been in rapid progress since the WTO(World Trade Organization) launched, mutual exchanges of human and material resources between nations has been continuously increasing. These mutual exchanges such as trade, tourist trade, international investment and financial business are collectively called "International Commerce." With a lot of financial support from the Ministry of Knowledge Economy and The Korea International Association(KITA), we have attracted a number of commercial experts to offer better lectures to students and to take part in overseas trade exhibitions. We have been making every effort and achieving high employment rates by generating and supplying global trade experts to society. Especially, by running the lectures "The Story of the FTA" and “Understanding and Utilizing the FTA" - funded by Ministry of Knowledge Economy from this year - we are trying to teach our students about the FTA better and make them FTA experts. Since our top priority is to provide field curricula by visiting overseas, commercial organizations, tourist attractions and foreign universities, we have students engaged in proactive learning while whiles being highly satisfied with our curricula.


  • Global Economics Fields : International Trade Theory, International Monetary Theory, International Economy Relation Theory, Global Business Integration Theory
  • Global Business Fields : International Administration Theory, Multinational Corporation Theory, International Marketing, Global Business Strategy
  • Trade Practical Fields : Foreign Trade Practice, International Trade Payment, International Transportation, Marine Insurance, Internet Trade, The Story of the FTA, Understanding And Utilizing the FTA
  • Computer-Related Fields : Han-Geul, Excel, Power Point, Opening Homepage.
  • Foreign Language Fields : English Conversation, Japanese Conversation, Chinese Conversation.


Based on their computer and foreign language abilities, our graduates have been actively engaging jobs in trade-related companies, electronic commerce, financial organizations, the government. and so on. Many graduates proceed to graduate schools to accomplish their dreams. Especially, as the result of opening specialized classes to nurture Chinese commercial experts, we reach employment success rates of over 85% every year. That is far more high a rate when compared to other universities in the nation. This is our pride and we continue to try for a 100% employment rate.


Name Education Year Final Degree Major
Jung-Hoon Lim University of Texas-Pan American 2010 Ph.D. International Business
Soo Suk Shon Kyung-buk National University 1983 Ph.D. Economics(International Economics)
Tae Han Yoon Kyung-buk National University 1983 Ph.D. Economics(International Economics)
Myong Kook Choi Sung-kyun-kwan University 1991 Ph.D. Foreign Trade Practice